Buy, Sale, and Trade Network Equipment

Trade-in your used network equipment and lower your operating cost by trading-in your existing used network equipment. We give fair market prices on equipment.

However, we do need to discuss what you have and the issues or problems you are experiencing with your network equipment in question before using this as an option.

Trade-In Values

Determining the price of used network equipment is done by considering several factors. Learn the true cost of any used network equipment by calculating the following factors: the year, the make, type of equipment (i.e. router, switch), the overall condition, cost of repair (or fine tuning) the equipment, the popularity of it, and current market value.

Also contrast the retail price with the trade-in value when estimating the price in the bargaining room. You need to remember, the reseller needs room to make a profit after listing, testing, and repairing your hardware.

We give fair trade-in pricing, upfront disclosure of all fees, and conduct business in a professional manner. Remember, used network equipment prices are negotiable. You can offer the price you think is fair, and we will quickly give you a response. We are a trusted dealer and pledge to do our best at finding a mutually agreeable price.

After we purchase used network equipment, our standard procedure is to run it through a 20-point testing process. Then, our technicians determine serviceability and ensure they are selling a quality product. This process is added to the overall cost as we determine the trade-in price. As your trusted dealer, we pledge to avoid games and provide fair trade-in values for your network equipment.

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Get a quotation from us on various higher margin products and start earning the arbitrage difference in the transaction by acquiring from second hand market for trade in.


Used Riverstone  RS 3000 Chassis - w/ 128MB, 32 Ports, 10/100 Base-TX, 2 expansion slots, 2 internal AC Power.  1 Year Warranty.

Part # G30-B128


Used Riverstone - RS 8000 8-Slot Multi-Service Metro Router. 1 Year Warranty!

Part # G80-CHS


Used Riverstone  - 1 Port Clear Channel DS3 WAN Interface Card For The Multirate Module. 1 Year Warranty!

Part # WICT3-1B


Used Riverstone  RS 3000 2-Port 1000Base-SX Line Card. 1 Year Warranty!

Part #